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Awesome in Action.  3 pieces for PLN 9.39.  Lips soft and shiny.  Also check Rossmann, Hebe

Awesome in Action. 3 pieces for PLN 9.39. Lips soft and shiny. Also check Rossmann, Hebe

In the Action offer you will find an ideal that your lips will thank you for. Maximum shine and hydration for PLN 9.39. This is a great alternative to classic lipsticks. You can also find interesting products with a similar effect in the Hebe and Rossmann drugstores, among others.

Many women like to use classic lip glosses, which make the lips optically enlarged and highlighted. These types of products give the lips maximum shine and most of them also make the lips more moisturized. I have prepared a list of interesting options that I found in popular stores.

A set of lip glosses from Hebe. Maximum shine and hydration

lip gloss screen:

Action’s offer includes a set of three mini lip glosses that have an incredibly fruity scent. They give the lips shine and make the lips clearly defined. Additionally, they moisturize and give delicate color. A great option to take with you in your purse.

Lip gloss from Hebe is a must have. Gives shade and highlights the lips

lip glosslip gloss screen:

Lip gloss from Hebe is an ideal option for women who choose a delicate shade with an eye-catching shine. This product gives the lips a beautiful, slightly pink shade and makes the lips shiny, fuller and defined. It has a practical applicator that allows for even distribution.

Lip oil from Rossmann moisturizes and nourishes. The lips delight with shine

lip glosslip gloss screen: rossmann.pll

Natural lip oil from the Rossmann drugstore is an ideal option for lips prone to dryness. It moisturizes, nourishes and optically enlarges the lips. What’s more, it leaves a beautiful, shiny surface on the lips. This product contains sunflower seed oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil. They have a soothing and regenerating effect on the epidermis.

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