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Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl.  The star bit his nails during the NFL finals [WIDEO]

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl. The star bit his nails during the NFL finals [WIDEO]

Will Taylor Swift appear at the Super Bowl, during which Travis Kelce will defend his championship title? Fans have been asking themselves this question for days. The singer managed to fly to the USA from Japan and together with, among others, Blake Lively and La± Del Rey cheered on the Kansas Chiefs.

For months, fans in the United States and beyond have been excited and discussing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship. She’s the biggest pop star right now, and he’s undoubtedly an NFL legend – he just won the Super Bowl for the second time in a row. They confirmed their relationship when Swift attended the Kansas game a few months ago, and now they were celebrating the Chiefs’ overtime victory together (the second time in the history of the game).

There is no point in arguing with the facts: Kelce’s T-shirts have been selling several hundred times better since they started buying them, even among people – mainly teenage fans – who were previously uninterested in American football, and the fact that Swift may appear at the match has certainly influenced ticket prices for the Super Bowl. However, some people accuse Swift that her presence in the stands and the frequent showing of her by broadcasters is “ruining football.” On the other hand, some people jokingly (or not?) call the Kansas Chiefs attacker “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend”, even though he is one of the best and most popular players in the league in recent years. Even in Poland, one of the sports websites titled the coverage of the Super Bowl: “Overtime decided the Super Bowl. Taylor Swift’s partner pulled the coach.”

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl – watch the video

Taylor Swift is currently on tour and played in Japan just a few hours before the Super Bowl. However, she appeared in the stands, and next to her sat, among others, actress Blake Lively and singer Lana Del Rey. The NFL sees the promotional potential of such a situation, so the league’s official profile even posted a video after the final: “Best of Taylor Swift at Super Bowl 58.” You can see the singer cheering for the Chiefs and even biting her nails when the result does not give her partner’s team a victory. You can watch it by clicking on the link below:

“It was a game that fans will remember for generations” – For the first time in history, the Super Bowl was held in Las Vegas, and the Kansas Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers only after overtime. The game’s MVP was Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, who received this award for the third time, also winning the NFL championship for the third time.

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