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Christmas tree in a pot – what should you know before buying?

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A Christmas tree in a pot – how long will it last and can you enjoy the tree throughout the holidays?

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How long will it last in a pot? The answer to this question depends on the species of the tree and the state of the art’s roots. And what is the best Christmas tree in a pot? Below we present an overview of popular conifers with a brief description.

A Christmas tree in a pot with roots – trees that can be planted in the garden after the season

The decision to buy in a pot with roots is most often dictated by a small amount of space or a further plan for a tree. People who want to plant a tree in the garden after the season should choose the fully rooted option, which is definitely more expensive than the version without the root. Sellers do not always inform us about the actual condition of the selected Christmas tree, which is why the price should be the main determinant. What is worth knowing about the individual

  • Pine it has an irregular, interesting shape and a real arsenal of needles (two rows). It is distinguished by a beautiful smell from other Christmas trees. Even in a warm apartment, it will stay for several weeks
  • Norway spruce it tends to lose needles, the spruce pot cannot stand in a very warm room. The conical shape and short needles make the Christmas tree to be dressed up quickly.
  • Silver spruce charms with a cold shade of needles. It is a very durable tree that can be enjoyed throughout the holidays.
  • Caucasian fir – this is the most durable of all Christmas trees, the fluffy attitude makes this tree resemble trees from Christmas cartoons.

A Christmas tree in a pot – the best one for the whole year?

What’s the best Christmas tree? Homeowners who do not intend to plant the Christmas tree in the ground should choose the species that feels best in a pot. Are you looking for the best solution? Bet on the following two species.

  • Choina kanadyjska – it is distinguished by dark green needles and a pine cone. This is an option created for a pot, so after the season you can simply take it apart and enjoy the green tree.
  • In search of an evergreen tree with a perfect shape, it is worth reaching for white spruce. This typical Christmas tree in the shape of a pyramid fits perfectly in a pot.

A Christmas tree in a pot on a stump – the top trend

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A tree in a pot on a trunk is a real hit of the last few years, you can easily buy this type of tree in an artificial version. What if we dream of a natural tree with a long handle? Here is a simple DIY instruction.

A Christmas tree on a stump step by step:

  1. prepare a few wooden discs a few centimeters in diameter and about 2 cm thick,
  2. in the next step, drill a plaster in the center, you will need a few holes and add natural twigs, for better fixation you can stick them with hot glue,
  3. at the end, all you have to do is decorate the whole thing with LED lights and it’s ready.

Christmas tree in a pot: price – how much do you have to pay for a rooted tree?

As mentioned before, you have to pay a bit more for a Christmas tree in a pot, which has a chance for further life in the garden. What is the average price of Christmas trees in a pot?

  • We will pay about PLN 60 for a pine tree in a pot
  • Norway spruce costs about PLN 50
  • Silver spruce in a pot costs over PLN 100
  • You have to pay over PLN 150 for Caucasian fir
  • Canadian Christmas tree – about 40 zlotys
  • White spruce costs relatively little, about PLN 20

Source: Gazeta

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