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Dawid Podsiad³o claims that he is not obsessed with “The Witcher”. Suddenly ¯ebrowski cuts him to be Geralt

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He rides to the studio on a horse, invariably carries a sword on his back, and takes potions on his journey. Dawid Podsiad³o can easily compete for the title of the biggest fan of “The Witcher” with Henry Cavill himself. The artist decided to reveal to the world his boundless love for the Netflix series, the new episodes of which we can watch from December 17.

“The Witcher”. Dawid Podsiadło will be happy to play in the series, but longer than Maciek Musiał

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In a disarming spot shared on social media on Friday morning, Dawid Podsiadło assures everyone that “The Witcher” simply likes – a psychophane is not, what’s not. By the way, he adds that if he were to play in this production, he would have to be on the screen for more than 40 seconds. Maciek Musiał, sitting with him in the witcher’s lair, accepts this flick with dignity. David’s obsession is a bit worse for his team (or, as he prefers to call them, “the team”).

We had to wait longer than everyone planned for the premiere of the new series of “The Witcher” – shooting on the set had to be interrupted several times due to coronavirus infections. Netflix announces in its official summary: Convinced that Yennefer died in the Battle of Sodden Hill, Geralt of Rivia takes Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows – his childhood home in Kaer Morhen. It was there that all the witchers were trained. In the meantime, the turmoil of war continues: kings, elves, humans and demons fight for supremacy on the Continent. However, Geralt does not have time to think too much about it, because he has to protect Ciri from something much more dangerous: a mysterious power that the princess discovers in herself and must learn to control it.

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