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Georgina Rodríguez recalls her humble life: she was a waitress and nanny before falling in love with Cristiano Ronaldo

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Georgina spoke to Cosmopolitan magazine about the 2022 premiere in which she will launch her docuseries on Netflix.

Georgina Rodríguez will welcome the new year with a spectacular cover for the magazine Cosmopolitan, who chose her as a model for the January and February issue. It will be the best premiere for 2022 in which she will launch her docuseries on Netflix and in which she will once again be a mother with Cristiano Ronaldo, this time as twins.

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La de Jaca tries to maintain normality and humility in a life in which luxury reigns and in which she has to face many negative comments on a daily basis: “I have always been very strong and I have had a lot of personality,” she confesses.

In her interview for the magazine, the model claims to be very happy in Manchester after her move last summer: “Our life is like this, it can change at any time. But here we are super happy. I really like England. As a child my dream was to live in London and, in fact, six years ago I was a babysitter in the city of Bristol. Being able to return has been a great opportunity ”.

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Now she is an icon wherever she goes and for many it is a mirror in which to look at herself, or at least that is how she sees it: “I feel that many people identify with me. I think of the young girls and boys who want to leave their home to study abroad and have no facilities, but little by little, looking for life, they achieve their goals ”.

And it is that his life has been like that, and that is what he will also show in his series for Netflix. She started as a waitress and cleaning rooms in a hotel before moving to Madrid and working as a clerk in a Massimo Dutti clothing store. AS from Spain.

There he enjoyed fashion, in a different way than he does now with his own line and wearing the most exclusive brands, but he knew that in that industry he could give more. He wanted a great brand and for that he needed English, so he moved to the United Kingdom and on his return to Spain he got a job at Gucci in one of the most luxurious streets in Spain. And his life changed forever.

Thanks to that work, she met Cristiano, the love of her life, formed a gigantic family that will soon expand with two more members, and enjoyed some of the most exclusive places in the world. She points out two situations: destiny, in which she believes “firmly”, and in karma, because “what you give, you receive.”

Georgina, as she says, that has always mattered to her and that is why she did not hesitate to do favors for the older neighbors such as shopping or washing their curtains and now she does the same with various solidarity organizations.

eager to give birth

Georgina is five months old but cannot wait to give birth to her twins, although the desire is not only for her. It serves as proof that when her children accompanied her for the ultrasound they thought she was going to give birth right there: “But aren’t they going to be born now?” They asked her. (D)

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