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The public will experience a ‘spectacular Christmas’ at the Centro de Arte Theater

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The show that will be in charge of Danzas Jazz, under the direction of José Miguel Salem, will be presented this Friday, December 17.

The Christmas atmosphere is lived in all its splendor in the city with the various activities that are presented as an alternative of entertainment and one of them is Spectacular christmas, a musical artistic show.

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The show, which will be presented this Friday the 17th, at 8:00 p.m., is in a format music hall with Papa and Mama Claus, in the pure style of the one that is presented at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

The work, which will be in charge of Danzas Jazz, under the direction of José Miguel Salem, will have 15 artists on stage, there will be four scenographic changes and costumes according to the occasion, using more than 250 pieces of clothing and props.

“José Miguel Salem is going to shine once more … The show that he has always shown us to the city of Guayaquil,” says Hellen Constante, director of Culture of the Municipality of Guayaquil.

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“The idea is to be young and old enjoying a special moment,” he adds.

The show will tell stories that will be framed in Christmas scenes that will imaginatively transport the public to huge toy stores, old London or a reindeer station. “(Pretend) you’re going to be in a toy store where everyone is going to dance around all the dolls …”, he explains.

“So too, the scenery of old London, then (the public is going to) imagine being in London itself and a reindeer station. That is what has been planned to do in this event “, he adds.

Spectacular christmas, which will last one hour and 15 minutes, will be presented in the Main Hall of the Centro de Arte Theater, located at km 4.5 via the coast.

Due to biosecurity restrictions, the capacity of the TCA is restricted to 50%, which means that there are a total of 400 seats. Admission is free. However, those who wish to attend should go to the Municipal Library (August 10 between Pedro Carbo and Chile). Each person can withdraw up to two tickets just by presenting the card, from 08:30 to 16:30.

Regarding biosafety, Constante says that they will have personnel who will control compliance with the use of the mask. “We have to have a strict control,” he assures.

“This is one more gift from the Very Illustrious Municipality of Guayaquil through the Directorate of Culture, which wants to promote this Christmas spirit to all citizens and invite everyone to share with us this wonderful project in this spiritual moment in the that we as a family try to make (in) children awaken those values ​​of solidarity, sharing, being generous, we try to put a grain of sand to all these concepts … ”, indicates Constante. (E)

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