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Jolanta Konopka said goodbye to TVN after 20 years. “It came out of the company”

– This is the last premiere edition of “Supervisor”, which I have the pleasure to run. For over 20 years I have been part of a team that describes the reality around us in an uncompromising manner. During this time, I have received many words of appreciation and support from our viewers. Thank you for these years together. Best wishes and goodbye! – Konopka said at the end of the program aired on December 14.

Jolanta Konopka will no longer lead the “Supervisor”. She was associated with TVN from the start of the station

As announced by Wirtualne Media, the director of the PR department of TVN Discovery Polska, Joanna Górska, who runs “Superwizjer”, has retired. In an interview with Konopka, the presenter said that it was not only her decision. It came from the company. I worked a while longer as a freelancer and that’s it -.

“Superwizjer”, an investigative magazine of reporters broadcast by TVN since March 4, 2001, the authors have won several Grand Press awards. Konopka has been associated with the program since its inception.

The presenter is one of the people who have been associated with TVN the longest, she joined the station in 1997. Before Jolanta Konopka became involved with “Supervisor”, she was the host of the local edition of “Fakt”, she also ran the main edition for a short time, and even earlier she worked for the Polonia 1 station and the Krakow Krater Television.

Source: Gazeta

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