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‘Camera Café’ is back, now on the big screen: this is the trailer for the film

A preview of what’s new in ‘Camera Café, the movie’ is here. Based on the well-known television series and directed by Ernesto Sevilla, the first trailer and poster arrives. Produced by Atresmedia Cine, can be seen next March.

In this leap to the big screen, we return to the office to rediscover the characters of the mythical series beyond the coffee machine. Quesada, Julián, Marimar, Cañizares, Victoria and company will face a crisis that is about to sink the company and, what is worse, it will have to be saved by its new director, who is nothing more and nothing less than the king of squatting.

Ernesto Sevilla (‘The Neighbor’, ‘Chapter 0) has gone behind the scenes to direct his first feature film as a film director. The cast is made up of some of the actors who gave life to the television characters, highlighting Arturo Valls (‘Los del tunnel’, ‘Derailed’) in the role of Quesada. They also repeat Carlos Chamarro (‘The greatest gift’, ‘The secret of the heart’) as Julián; Ana Milan (‘And all will burn’, ‘Where two fit’) as Victoria; Carolina Cerezuela (‘Friends’) as Monica; Joaquin Reyes (‘A todo tren! Destino Asturias’, ‘My lost love’) as Richar; Marta Belenguer (‘Journey to Somewhere’, ‘The Last Supper’) as Nacha; Alex O’Dogherty (‘Heroes of clay’, ‘2 Rombos’) as Arturo; Esperanza Pedreño (‘Eight Catalan surnames’, ’18 meals’) as Cañizares; Y Hope Elipa (‘Lo never seen’, ‘Abracadabra’) as Marimar.

Also has new hires like Manuel Galiana (‘Live singing’, ‘The Ministry of Time’), Javier Botet (‘The Quarantine Diaries’, ‘The Neighbor’), Ingrid García-Jonsson (‘Taxi to Gibraltar’, ‘Explode, Explode’) and streamer Ibai Llanos, who plays himself.

The filming has taken place over six weeks in various locations in the Community of Madrid. Joaquín Reyes, Miguel Esteban and Ernesto Sevilla sign the script of this comedy in which we meet again in the corridor of the mythical office the renowned characters who in this new plot are going to experience changes in the direction of the company and a tense competition, seasoned by funny and surreal situations.

Café para muy cafeteros AIE, Pólvora Films, LACOproductora, Estela Films and Estela Producciones Cinematográfica are the Spanish producers of the film, which has the participation of ATRESMEDIA CINE and funding from the Government of Spain-ICAA, and, on the Portuguese side, the company Planar Gestao de Equipamentos Audiovisuales. It has also had the participation of Movistar + and the collaboration of Delta Cafés, Mahou and Subway.

Warner Bros. Pictures Spain will be in charge of distributing the film in theaters on March 18, 2022, while Film Sharks will be in charge of international sales of the film.

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