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Sale at Mango.  These 4 hits will refresh your style in 2024.  Promotions: Mohito, Medicine

Sale at Mango. These 4 hits will refresh your style in 2024. Promotions: Mohito, Medicine

It’s time! Big sales have started in chain stores, during which you can buy absolute gems for a fraction of the price. I found four interesting Mango options for you that will refresh your wardrobe for the New Year. Promotions also continue in Medicine and Mohito.

Big New Year’s sales have started in chain stores and it cannot be denied that getting through the wide range of offers in stores is quite a challenge. To make it easier for you to search for absolute gems, I have highlighted several promotional offers at Mango, Mohito and Medicine.

Big sales at Mango. Discounts up to -50%

What is worth investing in during the ongoing sales? Considering that there are still many weeks until spring and warm days, it will be useful to have a warm coat at hand. I have highlighted two suggestions for you.

Mango sale coats Mango

The first one is a coat with a sheepskin coat. Models in this style, inspired by the fashion of the Polish People’s Republic, are experiencing an absolute renaissance this season. If you would prefer a slightly more elegant option, a woolen coat will be a perfect choice. The beige model from Mango is selling out at a dizzying pace.

In 2024 Your wardrobe must also include leather boots with a square toe. They add elegance and make the styling classy. In addition, they lengthen the legs phenomenally. You can combine them with work or everyday clothes.

The coming year will be full of denim in various forms. The Mango patchwork model will add character to both everyday and more formal styles. It will make your outfit look unique and extremely stylish.

Leather ankle boots and a denim skirtLeather ankle boots and a denim skirt Mango

White, beige and cream shades. Top colors of 2024 on sale

Some of the most popular colors in trends for 2024 are definitely beige, white and cream shades. During ongoing sales, it is worth buying clothes in this style. Sweaters that will serve us both in winter and in the coming spring will be an excellent choice.

At Mohito you will find a beige oversize sweater, which has been discounted by as much as 58%. This is a perfect option for winter and the upcoming spring. In Medicine you will find a light cardigan for PLN 29.99. It will complement outfits with a skirt or elegant trousers.

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