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The beauty secret of 56-year-old Kayah?  It costs nothing.  “This is going to sound weird”

The beauty secret of 56-year-old Kayah? It costs nothing. “This is going to sound weird”

Kayah celebrated her 56th birthday at the beginning of November. Year after year, it delights fans not only with its musical hits, but also with its appearance. Some time ago, the singer revealed how she takes care of her beauty.

Kayah is a musically versatile artist, present on the Polish music scene for many years. She is the author of many hits, and is currently one of the most appreciated and recognizable singers in Poland. Each of her performances is widely commented on in the media. Her fans are also interested in the star’s secrets about the beauty tricks she uses in daily skin care.

This is how Kayah cares about beauty. Thanks to this, it impresses with radiant and flawless skin

In an interview with the portal, Kayah revealed what her everyday life looks like. She admitted that consistency is key for her, which she unfortunately sometimes lacks in her life due to many responsibilities and related travels. In addition to using the help of Kayah specialists, the care pattern she also drew from home, observing the routine of her mother and grandmother. In times when access to cosmetics was limited, the focus was on publicly available products. – “My mother used regular hand cream, Nivea cream, looking like the queen of lard. […] There was no good grooming in those days. I guess I was more watching my grandmother, who was such a great lady and had her own rituals, e.g. different types of milks.

Years of work on stage and many hours spent on the road have contributed to Kayah’s talent a habit he follows without exception, caring for facial skin. – “I had to learn how to cleanse myself properly. For example, not going to bed with leftovers and so on. I’ve gotten used to it, but I have to say this, although it may sound strange, but when I’m very tired before going to bed, and there are such moments, I can “I don’t wash anything, but I always cleanse my face.”

How to cleanse your face of makeup? Do it using the OCM method and you will see the difference immediately

This is the most important stage of daily facial care, as well as the foundation of beautiful skin, free from imperfections, excess sebum and dryness. However, lack of proper skin cleansing contributes to the formation of wrinkles and rapid loss of skin firmness and smoothness. It is worth remembering that makeup tends to hide in the creases of the skin. A good way is to use the OCM method, i.e. Oil Cleansing Method. Not only will thoroughly cleanse the skin of make-up, but will also nourish it.

  1. Start by gently moistening your face.
  2. Apply a mixture of oils, e.g. linseed, raspberry seed, sweet almond oil, to the skin with your fingertips. However, do not forget to perform an allergy test.
  3. Perform a gentle massage using circular movements.
  4. Place a damp cotton, terry cloth or muslin cloth on your face.
  5. Start massaging your face again with the oil mixture.
  6. Apply the damp cloth to your face again.
  7. When the skin is clean and there are no traces of cosmetics on the cloth, rinse your face with cold water.

Source: Gazeta

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