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She played the Minister of Culture for 2 weeks.  She was throwing money left and right.  “Everything without order and composition”

She played the Minister of Culture for 2 weeks. She was throwing money left and right. “Everything without order and composition”

We should save this information for the end of the article, but we can’t resist: PLN 500 million. Dominika Chorosiñska, former Minister of Culture in Mateusz Morawiecki’s two-week government, managed to distribute this amount of state money before she left office.

The “government” created by former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki lasted only 2 weeks. We are still witnessing almost historic events when it comes to the Polish political scene. Currently, the issues on the agenda are mainly related to the depoliticization of TVP. This does not change the fact that it is still worth taking a look at the expenses that the representatives of the previous government managed to make in this short time.

Let us recall that once an actress from “Na Wspólnej”, and now a PiS politician promoting fidelity – having an extramarital affair and an illegitimate child resulting from it – Dominika Chorosińska served as the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for 2 weeks. The amount that the state budget managed to deplete during that time cries out to heaven for the proverbial vengeance. This was checked by Left MP Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus.

On the first day, I immediately checked what decisions were issued from October 15 to December 12 after the elections, but also by the two-week-old minister Dominika Chorosińska. About 130 various decisions were made. Some are good, some are not good. I think the money, from what I remember, was about PLN 500 million for all these decisions

– the politician said in an interview with TVN24.

Dominika Chorosińska spent PLN 500 million in 2 weeks

Officially, Chorosińska left her position on December 13, 2023. Her place was taken by Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz from the Civic Platform.

It is not known why they were spent, it is not known why this institution or that one received the money, because it was all without order and composition (…) And here we are still wondering about it, because this money in given institutions that are subordinated to the ministry we will need them for various activities anyway. Not necessarily those for which Gliński or Mrs. Chorosińska imagined that they would be spent

– added Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus.

In my opinion, they were spent in a wasteful and senseless way, sometimes on organizations that should never have received funding

– said Scheuring-Wielgus.

Dominika Chorosińska could also count on a considerable severance pay

But it is not everything. Dominika Chorosińska could also count on a generous severance pay for just 2 weeks of “work”. As previously estimated by the “Fakt” daily, the ministers of this “government” could receive the equivalent of one ministerial salary, i.e. PLN 14,000 and 29 gross, as a farewell gift. One should also add the functional allowance they are entitled to in the amount of PLN 3,757. In total, each of them – including Chorosińska – could receive up to PLN 17,000. PLN 786 gross.

However, as “Rzeczpospolita” emphasizes, it still did not have to be the full amount that went to Chorosińska’s account. “The MP was only entitled to a compensatory allowance, which is paid to former members of the government who start working within three months of ending their ministerial duties and whose remuneration is lower than the remuneration of government employees,” we read on the website.

The 500 million that Dominika Chorosińska “spent” so lightly could easily be converted into apartments – just for example. Let’s say we have this amount at our disposal and we want to buy apartments in Warsaw for it. How many apartments could we buy? Opinions will probably be divided, but we encourage discussion.

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Source: Gazeta

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