A new cycle of Masterchef Celebrity Ecuador (Teleamazonas) started on the night of this Friday, December 15. That means a new mystery box challenge, this time completed in randomly selected trios. The ingredients were foods that, according to market aesthetic standards, are thrown away 40% of the time because of their appearance.

An unexpected group was that of the actor José Andrés Caballerothe youtuber Anthony Swag and the artist Felipe Carrera. In the latter, some kind of tension would arise due to the rivalry between Swag and the actor Danilo Carrera, brother of Felipe, who left the competition the day before.

The ‘rivals’ Felipe Carrera, brother of actor Danilo Carrera, and Anthony Swag had to work together in the final challenge of ‘Masterchef Celebrity Ecuador’

Anthony Swag, Felipe Carrera and Daniel Beta excited about their victory in the ‘Masterchef Celebrity Ecuador’ mystery box challenge. Photo: Screenshot

When they came together for the challenge, the digital creator jokingly simulated being “fighting Carrera.” However, their teamwork earned them the victory and now they will compete against each other in the chef pin challenge.

The winning proposal of the trio consisting of Anthony Swag, Felipe Carrera and Daniel Beta was called ‘Maduro el escamoso’. Photo: Screenshot

The confrontations between actor Danilo Carrera and his colleagues in ‘MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador’

Anthony Lencinareal name of influencerand Carrera, first cooked with Caballero, but one of the dynamics of the test made them exchange him for Daniel Beta. According to José Andrés, what they were putting together was already a winning dish, thanks to a guava sauce that he suggested, but that Daniel Beta made according to the style and spices.

Anthony Swag, Daniel Beta and Felipe Carrera. Photo: Screenshot

The sauce was highly praised by the judges Jorge Rausch, Carolina Sánchez and Irene González. Their proposal was called ‘Maduro el escamoso’, because the Maduro beds had a bowl design, accompanied by crispy onion and fish crackles and guava sauce.

“Who would have thought that they would get along very well and that a very good dish would come out of it”, emphasizes Chef Sánchez. They, along with the other two reviewers, agreed that the dish was aesthetically pleasing, well distributed and the flavors were fantastic.