Although the Guayaquil actor Danilo Carrera just left Masterchef Celebrity Ecuador (Teleamazonas), have still not forgotten the tensions he faced with his other colleagues.

During the mystery box challenge this Friday, December 15, the alleged rivalry between him and YouTuber Anthony Swag came to light, when his brother Felipe Carrera, still in competition, was grouped with him and José Andrés Caballero.

José Andrés Caballero, Anthony Swag and Felipe Carrera. Photo: Screenshot

For now, there is talk of an alleged alliance between Swagg, Caballero, the TikToker Gigi Mieles and another of the participants, who happened to show hostility towards the soap opera artist, especially on Swag’s part. Therefore, when the group between the three of them was formed for this test, the digital creator joked that he wanted to fight with Carrera, who apparently accepted everything with grace, smiling and looking at the judges.

“We are the ‘grenade trio’ because it could explode at any moment,” Swagg said in the private interview with his colleagues.

José Andrés Caballero, Felipe Carrera and Anthony Swag. Photo: Screenshot

The three artists cooked breaded fish fillet with an onion crust. “This dish will be the winner,” Caballero exclaimed with great conviction. “I’m in the running for chef now,” Carrera noted.

Although a confrontation is not directly visible on cameras, the alleged disputes between the Carrera brothers and Anthony Lencina, as the real name of the influencer is, transcended on social networks, with hints between both parties. Anthony Swag claims Danilo Carrera allegedly called him a ‘criminal’; For his part, Felipe Carrera has committed himself to defending his brother.