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This is how TVP Info reports the Sejm session.  Surprised?  “It just doesn’t fit in my head anymore”

This is how TVP Info reports the Sejm session. Surprised? “It just doesn’t fit in my head anymore”

This is how TVP Info reports the Sejm session.  Surprised?  “It just doesn’t fit in my head anymore”

Big changes in public television are a matter of time, but the vision of the coming revolution has not significantly influenced the way political content is presented on TVP. The way TVP Info reports the Sejm session was analyzed to prove that the revolution is necessary.

Internet users have been closely watching what is shown on Polish Television for a long time. They pay special attention to the news channel. The way news is presented has long been controversial and questionable, and messages on tickers cause outrage and amusement at the same time.

Changes in TVP are getting closer. Employees don’t give up

A few days ago, the latest one appeared on Info, presenting several statements by the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia. Excerpts from press conferences were marked with a red filter, previously used in the case of Donald Tusk. Every day, new names of Telewizja Polska employees who are about to leave or have already left Woronicza appear in the media. Although the future of Telewizja Polska in the form that viewers have become accustomed to over the last eight years hangs in the balance, the employees clearly do not stop trying.

He showed how TVP Info covered the Sejm proceedings. “And that’s how it goes”

What viewers can watch not only on TVP Info is closely watched by the hosts of the profile “I watch the news because I can’t afford stimulants”. This time, we looked at the report from the next part of the first session of the Sejm, which took place on December 7. What appeared on the air during the first hour was analyzed. All this to prove that changes in public television are necessary.

From 9:09 to 10:00 (excluding the presenters), 9 politicians took the floor: 2 from PiS and the rest from other parties (Confederation, Trzecia Droga, KO and L). TVP Info showed the entire speeches of only two politicians. I guess we don’t have to write what party they were from…

– noted in the entry. When Law and Justice politicians spoke, their statements were presented in full. But every time a non-PiS politician came to the podium, the producer showed the parliamentary benches, switched the video to the studio, and presented a conference of PiS politicians for 15 minutes. “And so it goes,” the post concluded. In the comments, some people pointed out that a similar pattern has been used for years, and TVP simply avoids showing speeches by politicians of other parties.

Fortunately, this will end soon

It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

The last officers are still fighting.

Source: Gazeta

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