The crisis in the Spanish royal family is burning and spreading over the revelations of Spanish businessman Jaime del Burgo and his alleged relationship with Queen Letizia

The strict prenuptial agreement that Letizia signed before marrying Felipe: if she divorces, she will have to give up her daughter

Del Burgo, who was married to the Queen’s sister for two years, caused a stir after he posted a selfie of his wife on his X account with an alleged love note she had written and offered details of his alleged extramarital affair.

Photo: Capture Twitter @JaimeDelBurgo

Jaime del Burgo confirmed the alleged romance with Queen Letizia

After deleting all his posts and keeping quiet, the 53-year-old businessman took to his X account again to address the controversy surrounding the Spanish royal family and confirm his alleged romance with Queen Letizia.

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“I don’t change a single comma of my deleted posts. I appreciate the messages from those who understood that I would have my reasons. I have nothing against those who threatened to kill me. I don’t feel proud. But the truth is what it is. I acknowledge only one king, he is in heaven and his name is Jesus of Nazareth. He will judge me,” he said in a message also written in English on the same platform.

So, the assumption Queen Letizia’s lover He counterattacked after he deleted his posts, and the Spanish press doubted the veracity of his statements.

Photo: Capture Twitter @JaimeDelBurgo

Del Burgo also spoke about his alleged affair with the queen in an interview for the book “Letizia and I” by journalist Jaime Peñafiel.

He described the four phases through which, according to him, his relationship with Letizia went: from 2002 to 2004 they had a love affair, from 2004 to 2010 they were friends and friends, from 2010 and 2011 there was a long-term and continued their love relationship, and since 2012. In 2016, they behaved like brothers-in-law, writes People magazine.

Letizia “had an affair with her future brother-in-law while she was married to King Felipe”, announced the British press, which joins the “Pashma photo” scandal

Silence in the Royal House

The Royal House has not commented so far, and the royals are sticking to their usual schedule of engagements. On December 9, King Felipe will travel to Argentina for the investiture of President Javier Milei.

While Letizia has a few “free” days due to the celebration of the Day of the Spanish Constitution and the Day of the Immaculate Conception.

The only person close to the queen to speak out on the subject is her niece Carla Vigo, who in a podcast with YouTuber Ricky Garcia dismissed Del Burgo’s behavior and questioned her mental stability.

According to Vigo, the businessman wanted to attract attention or cause damage. “I thought this man was wrong. – I think she wanted to hurt or attract attention – Letizia’s niece said in defense of her aunt. (AND)