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“The Boys” is going for not one, but TWO Oscars, and it’s still not over.  The Film Academy announced the first lists

“The Boys” is going for not one, but TWO Oscars, and it’s still not over. The Film Academy announced the first lists

“The Boys” is fighting for Oscar nominations. The Film Academy announced the first lists of films in three categories that are to receive the prestigious award. Polish production has already hit the second one, and this is still not the end of the opportunities.

The film “” has already been a huge success. The audience loved not only the unique technique in which the picture was made, but also the universal story and the well-played characters of Reymont’s novel. The music by Łukasz LUC Rostkowski and the Rebel Babel Film Orchestra also impressed the audience. Great reviews from critics resulted in full cinema halls.

“The Peasants” has a chance to win two Oscars

Less than a month after the premiere in Poland, “Peasants” was watched by one million domestic viewers. This is not only the best result of a Polish production this year, but also the only domestic film that exceeded the three-digit number of viewers – reports Next Film.

The production is also competing for Oscars. The film is a Polish candidate for the “best international film” category, but as it turns out, this is not the end of the chances for the prestigious statuette. On December 7, the Film Academy announced the list of films that will also compete for nominations in other categories.

“The Boys” is going for Oscars in two categories. The film was submitted to five

The producers of “Chłopów” submitted the work to five Oscar categories. For now, we know that the film will compete for a chance to be nominated in two of them. The film may win an Oscar not only for the best international film, but also for the best animation.

– After announcing that we were the Polish candidate for the Oscar, we jumped on the list of favorites to the so-called shortlist [skrócona lista filmów, które mają szansę dostać nominację do Oscara – przyp. red.] – we are very happy about this. The film has not yet been shown in the US in cinemas, which means that the people who saw it saw it either at the festival in Toronto, in the Hamptons or in Los Angeles – Sean Bobbitt, one of the producers, told Justyna Bryczkowska in an interview with “Peasants”.

In order to reach as many members of the American Film Academy as possible, the creators of “The Peasants” organize special screenings and invite decision-makers to screenings and meetings with the authors of the work. The pre-Oscar campaign is mainly about reaching as many people as possible who will then vote and decide on the nominations.

The film is scheduled to be released in cinemas in December as part of a qualifying screening. The production will be shown in Los Angeles and possibly New York.

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