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After 4 years of lip augmentation, she showed what she looks like without filler.  “10 Years Younger”

After 4 years of lip augmentation, she showed what she looks like without filler. “10 Years Younger”

A Tiktoker named Graci has been regularly injecting filler into her lips for the past 4 years. However, she decided to take a break and appeared in social media in her natural form. She admitted that at one point she became too addicted to this treatment. The reaction of Internet users to her photos “before and after” dissolving the filler was clear. “Much better,” they wrote under the video she published.

“The era of small lips,” Graci says in the recording. The Tiktoker told her followers how she gave up using filler after 4 years. She admitted that the first time she only allowed herself to inject a milliliter of the filler, but the number quickly increased. Then she decided on 3.5 ml and finally – 5.5 ml.

At that point, she decided that she needed to take a break from the treatments. She published several videos on her TikTok, wanting to show viewers the “before and after” effect of dissolving the filler. At first there wasn’t much difference, but in the next recording – published another day later – you can see that her lips have completely returned to their natural state.

After 4 years, she removed the filler from her lips. Internet users are delighted. “You look younger”

There were a lot of comments under the video from Internet users who said that Graci looks much younger now. “Natural and beautiful”, “You look much younger”, “Lip filler makes you look older, girls” – you can read in numerous entries under her video.

Much better! You look younger and have a fresh face

What splendor! You are so pretty! You look much better with your natural lips

Your natural lips look very proportional to your face. They are really beautiful

Great decision

I swear it took you 10 years off!

Goddess, what progress! You look beautiful

– write TikTok users.

Some shared their own experiences. For example, one person confessed that she decided to dissolve the filler after 7 years. Just two weeks later she had her first treatment. “I ended up coming back (for the procedure – ed.) 2 weeks later. I now have 3.5 ml,” we read. Graci responded to this comment and admitted that she also plans to enlarge her lips again. “I wanted to make them again because they are so wrinkled. I’m just trying to persevere,” she wrote.

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