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She has already saved PLN 1,200.  She found Christmas gifts in garbage cans.  “It’s shocking how much we waste”

She has already saved PLN 1,200. She found Christmas gifts in garbage cans. “It’s shocking how much we waste”

Gifts are one of many pre-Christmas expenses. They can cost a fortune, so it’s no wonder that many people are looking for ways to save money. An original method was found by a British woman who was looking for gifts… in the trash cans next to the shops. Is it legal in Poland?

Buying on promotions or choosing cheaper substitutes is one of the ways to save on gifts. Some people also try to limit expenses as much as possible, families contribute to gifts, and sometimes we decide to make gifts ourselves. It turns out that savings can also be found… in garbage.

He looks for Christmas gifts in the garbage cans near stores. She’s already saved a fortune

British woman Rachael Collins found a way to save on shopping. Her story was covered by the British media. A 42-year-old mother decided to look for gifts for her 7-year-old son in store trash cans. As she noted, she managed to save £240 (over PLN 1,215) on gifts. – I started dumpster diving out of necessity. I didn’t have enough money for the whole month, she admitted in an interview with “Kennedy News”, as quoted by the portal

By looking in the trash cans, she managed to collect gifts not only for her son, but also for his cousins ​​and other family members. She found, among others: the popular game “Operation”, Minecraft toys, blocks, scented candles and expensive cosmetics from popular brands. She revealed that she doesn’t always manage to find something valuable, but since she started looking through the bins, she has found products worth a total of £5,000. – It’s shocking how much stuff we waste. It’s unbelievable, she confessed.

Can you take things out of garbage cans at stores? You won’t be threatened with anything for this, on one condition

The British woman’s savings method may cause controversy. However, it cannot be denied that many products end up in the baskets in good condition and still suitable for use. This applies to both local and store garbage bins. Various neighborhood initiatives, collections, exchange fairs and Facebook groups, such as the so-called Garbage truck. Is taking things out of store trash bins legal in Poland? This issue most often appears in the context of taking food products out of baskets. Importantly, it is not regulated in any way in Poland. Many stores secure the bins with padlocks and chains, install cameras near them and post information about the ban on removing waste from bins. They attribute this to security issues.

If the bins are secured and fenced, and they are located in a store or shopping mall, a person who starts rummaging through them may be liable for burglary. He may also be responsible for trespassing on private property. However, there are stores that display baskets in public, unsecured and unfenced places. Such containers can contain both food and other products, including toys and cosmetics. So can you take things from trash bins? In theory, there are no contraindications to this and it is not theft. – Theft is taking someone else’s thing in order to appropriate it. If someone threw an item into a public container, it can be assumed that he or she abandoned it and the item became no one’s property. Taking such a thing will not be theft – explains Karolina Witczak from the GFP Legal Law Firm in an interview

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