Jaime del BurgoThe 53-year-old businessman made headlines in the Spanish media after revealing details of an alleged affair with Queen Letizia on his X profile.

Letizia and pashmina scandal: They revealed the alleged selfie of the pregnant queen and a “loving message” to her brother-in-law, the husband of Telma Ortiz: Who is Jaime del Burgo?

A man who was married to Telma Ortiz, the queen’s sister, even posted a selfie of his pregnant wife wearing a pashmina in front of a mirror, along with a message of great love that she allegedly sent him.

Although everything was later deleted from his profile, it is suspected that Del Burgo had intentions behind his statements.

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Why did Jaime del Burgo reveal his alleged relationship with Letizia?

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He also reveals that he wanted to formalize his relationship with the former journalist and that he even bought her an engagement ring. However, at dinner, she admitted to him that she had met someone else and that she had fallen in love. It was the Prince of Asturias.

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The controversial text states that they both had an alleged romance when Letizia was already in a relationship with her current husband.

A possible explanation for why Del Burgo is now trying to denigrate Letizia is this alleged extramarital affair, according to the Spanish portal Noticias de Navarra.

“The book shows that they both had a romantic relationship when Letizia was already with the prince. Therefore, this could be one of the reasons why del Burgo would try to discredit Letizia with his latest post on social networks,” the aforementioned portal states.

The same media adds that this is not the first time that an entrepreneur threatens to reveal hidden information and secrets of the Spanish royal family. However, now his findings have caused more controversy. (AND)