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He showed how to properly place purchases on the conveyor belt and divided Internet users.  “It’s absurd”

He showed how to properly place purchases on the conveyor belt and divided Internet users. “It’s absurd”

While shopping at the supermarket, everyone has probably had the so-called distributor. We usually use it to separate purchases placed on the conveyor belt. But are we really doing it correctly? The popular presenter says no.

When visiting a store, we rarely think about issues such as the hidden functions of shopping carts or cash registers. And when we put our purchases on the conveyor belt, especially when we have a lot of them, we don’t think about how to arrange the “divider”, i.e. the separating strip. We usually place it in such a way as to separate our goods from other customers’ goods. Meanwhile, a famous American weather presenter claims that we are all doing it wrong. What’s the truth?

He showed how to “properly” place the divider on the tape. “Not everyone knows”

Ryan Vaughan is a popular meteorologist and weather presenter working for an American television station. Some time ago, he shared with his followers an interesting observation regarding the so-called shopping compartments. In his opinion, we are all doing it wrong.

Tonight in the store I noticed that not everyone knows how to use the divider strip properly. It should be placed lengthwise to activate the sensor and maintain distance

– he noted in the post. The photo quickly spread on the Internet, sparking a heated discussion among Internet users from all over the world. Some in the comments admitted that they actually had no idea, others decided to try the “correct way” as soon as possible, but it turned out that it did not work as expected. So what is it really like?

The commentators did not hide their surprise and outrage. “It’s absurd”

The post was met with a heated reaction from Internet users, and this, as can be concluded from the presenter’s response, was expected and expected. To date, over 22,000 comments have appeared under the photo. reactions and 13 thousand comments. However, it is not known whether Ryan Vaughan decided to joke with the fans or whether he wrote it seriously.

The world is already divided enough, man, come on.

It’s absurd.

I’ve never seen anyone do that in my life. And I worked in a store.

In the comments, apart from jokes, there were also logical explanations of the whole situation. Store employees explained how the shopping tape works and why the “correct way” indicated in the post makes no sense. One commenter explained that purchases trigger the sensor. The divider strip is designed to show the cashier where one customer’s purchase ends and the next one begins. Other store employees pointed out that the tape was intended to be an aid to the cashier. Stopping purchases half a meter from the employee and far beyond his reach is only an additional difficulty. The arrangement of the strip is therefore not important.

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