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Not Barbie or Putin.  Taylor Swift named Person of the Year 2023 “Time”

Not Barbie or Putin. Taylor Swift named Person of the Year 2023 “Time”

Taylor Swift was named Person of the Year by Time magazine. The barely 33-year-old American is one of the biggest stars of contemporary music, and her albums and concerts are very popular. In the defeated field she left, among others, Barbie, King Charles III or Vladimir Putin.

Time magazine has been conducting a personality of the year plebiscite since 1927. Editors are guided by the influence of a given character on current events events in the last 12 months. As a rule, this title was awarded to people associated with power, whose actions have a measurable impact on the world order. However, politicians and industry titans had to recognize Taylor Swift’s superiority. According to the magazine, it was she who had “the greatest influence on world events.” You will find more interesting texts on the home page.

Taylor Swift is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2023

Although Taylor Swift’s candidacy was mentioned among the biggest favorites to receive this award, the presence of people such as among others However, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and King Charles III constitute quite serious competition. Nothing of that! The greatest leaders of this world had to recognize the superiority of the music industry star.

What were the arguments for choosing the 33-year-old American? The editors of Time explain their decision this way:

2023 was a year with a significant share of darkness. In a divided world where too many institutions are failing, Taylor Swift has found a way to break boundaries and be a source of light. No one else in the world can touch so many people so well.

– We read on the “Time” website.

In one row with Jackson, Dylan and Madonna. Pantheon of great stars

The magazine compares her figure to the biggest stars of the stage. “Taylor Swift’s achievements as an artist – cultural, critical, commercial – are so numerous that citing them seems inappropriate. As a pop star, she is in the company of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Madonna. As a songwriter, she has been compared to Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Joni Mitchell.” – we read later in the text.

And actually. The singer has built an incredible aura around herself and the myth of a great businesswoman whose “empire” is worth billions of dollars. “Time” notes that “every move and decision is analyzed for everything. This is further intensified by the fact of being a woman.” Reading further, we come across the argument that “Swift was the author of changing narratives, never more important than in 2023. Where are they leading us? It may look similar to what Swift created, creating a space for 70,000 people the night after night so that they could experience joy together. After all, what is a higher form of influence than giving millions of fans, young and old, a moment during which they can revel not only in her voice, but also in finding their own? These moments were all the more magical because they had a place as we emerge from the pandemic and rediscover the shared experiences that were recently taken away from us.”

“The Eras Tour” breaks all records. Billboard 200 record holder

This year is definitely Taylor Swift’s. This year, she conquered the charts, becoming the only living artist whose 5 albums were simultaneously in the top ten of the prestigious Billboard 200. This is the first such case in nearly 6 decades. At the same time, she embarked on the most profitable concert tour in history. “The Eras Tour” includes over 130, nearly 3-hour performances around the world. It started in March this year in the United States, and its finale will take place at London’s Wembley Stadium in August next year.

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