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Does vegetable salad float in water?  Grandma Zosia has a solution.  He does one thing

Does vegetable salad float in water? Grandma Zosia has a solution. He does one thing

Vegetable salad is the queen of parties and cannot be missing on the Christmas table. How to prepare it so that it turns out delicious? It turns out that many people make a mistake that causes the salad to water.

There are plenty of recipes and preparation methods. Each housewife prepares it in her own way, but sometimes the salad becomes watery. How to prevent this? It turns out that you need to follow a few rules and it will retain great taste and consistency.

How to make a vegetable salad not watery? One thing is crucial

The best vegetable salad is one that contains lots of vegetables. It should also be well seasoned. Most often, we only use salt and pepper, but not everyone knows that this first ingredient makes the salad watery. Even though we use mostly cooked vegetables, under the influence of salt they start to release water and spoil our salad. How to prevent flooding? It’s best to season it just before serving. Also remember to drain the vegetables after cutting them. In particular, let’s take care to get rid of excess water from the . A good idea is to add boiled potatoes to the salad to absorb excess water.

Tired of boring vegetable salad? Add two ingredients that will change its taste

If you are looking for an original recipe for vegetable soup, try it. Such a salad will delight your guests and certainly will not be boring. What ingredients are we talking about? It is worth adding marinated mushrooms and horseradish to a standard vegetable soup consisting of potatoes, carrots, parsley, leek, pickled cucumbers, eggs, peas and mayonnaise. They will make the dish more expressive and distinctive in taste. You can also add cooked beets or a bit of salted herring to the salad.

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