The successful series “CSI Miami” continues to be a topic of conversation. The series, which ran for 10 seasons and a total of 230 episodes, debuted in 2002 and quickly became a landmark in the crime series genre until its popularity waned when production company CBS made the decision to cancel it in 2012.

It was David Caruso who became the star of the series through his iconic character of Horatio Caine, a multi-faceted man who worked as a supervisor of the Miami-Dade County Crime Lab, was a forensic analyst, and before that a detective and homicide cop. in the deactivation of explosives.

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It’s been 11 years since the series ended, but what’s truly surprising his long-time fans is the current look of the actor whose imposing presence, impeccable clothes and famous sunglasses have become his trademark.

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This is what David Caruso looks like from CSI Miami

Recently, longtime fans were surprised to see the latest pictures of the actor. David Caruso was filmed filling up gas with his partner at a gas station in San Fernando Valley, California. The pictures were quickly shared via the New York Post, and what got the most attention was her current look.

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The passage of time has left its mark on Carus, who will soon turn 68. He looks thin, with long hair on his back and a lost gaze in the distance, according to El Tiempo.

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This complete change in his appearance confused his followers and evoked nostalgia for those who not only lamented the cancellation of “CSI Miami” at the time, but also Caruso’s own decision to step away from show business in 2012.