Prince William is facing a new scandal over his alleged relationship with Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley. The story of this alleged infidelity dates back to four years ago, when British tabloids published photos in which William was allegedly very close to Rose at an event.

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The royal house did not comment on the matter and the matter was forgotten. However, the rumors were strongly renewed this year, when it became known that the prince and the marquise were reunited and that Kate Middleton demanded the end of all contact with her.

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Rose Hanbury belongs to British high society and has a close relationship with royalty, explains El EspaƱol. The Marchioness is the granddaughter of one of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s best friends and is married to David Rocksavage, who is King Charles’ permanent private secretary.

His castle, Houghton Hall, is only seven kilometers from Anmer Hall, which was the official residence of the Princes of Wales in Norfolk.

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Both she, her husband and the Princes of Wales maintained a close friendship and, being neighbours, spent many moments together.

Now, judging by the book “Endgame” by Omid Scobie, which reveals the darkest secrets of the British royal family, Rose’s name is once again in disrepute because of the alleged affair. In addition, it reveals the reaction that Prince William had when he was asked about the true nature of this “dubious closeness” with the aristocrat.

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What did Prince William say about Rose Hanbury?

Scobie’s book, nav Spanishreveals that Prince William flew into a rage when he was questioned about his alleged relationship with Rose Hanbury.

The press officer at Kensington Palace, Cristian Jones, was so dismayed by the power of the rumors that he had to check whether they were true, and the prince vehemently denied them.

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The text also states that another controversy was used to divert attention from this scandal: that of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Thus the supposed romance of William and Rose was forgotten.

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This outburst of William’s denial of his relationship with Rose joins comments that have surfaced about him and his character calling him controlling and even jealous of his wife.

According to Vanitatis, Kate would choose to wear suits instead of dresses to her official engagements as part of her husband’s strategy to prevent her from taking center stage with her successful fashion styles.

William’s bad mood was also depicted in the autobiography of his brother, Prince Harry, who recounted an episode in which the Prince of Wales threw him to the ground during a fight.

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Rose Hanbury and Kate Middleton

Despite all the rivers of ink that flowed through the alleged Prince William’s infidelityit is true that both he and his wife Kate remained close to the Cholmondeley family.

Everything indicates that there was no breakup between the two couples. In August, Kate Middleton and Rose attended a music festival at Houghton Hall, the Marchioness’s residence. Photos published on social networks show how the two friends are enjoying the event, ignoring the controversy surrounding them. (AND)