This Thursday, the president Daniel Noboa Azín He celebrated his 35th birthday with his work team and family. The birthday cake was the most popular gift for Nobo, as he received not just one, but three (that he publicly knows about).

President Daniel Noboa celebrates his first birthday in Quito and his wife, Lavinia Valbonesi, shares photos of the celebration at Carondelet Palace

It is true that one cake in particular captured our attention with its creativity and humor. It’s a gift from Lavinia Valbonesi, who appeared as its protagonist Marilyn Monroe with the message: “Happy birthday, Mr. President.”

“On Thursday, I celebrated Daniel together, and this was a cake. “I wasn’t even close to being the dressed up one who would come out singing”the first lady admitted.

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In 1962, the famous Monroe sang John Kennedy theme Happy birthday, Mr. President, on the occasion of his 45th birthday. This moment that happened in Madison Square Garden in New York The rest is history.

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Noboa also paid a small tribute for his birthday at the Carondelet Palace in Quito, this Thursday, November 30.

President of Nobo, born in Miami, Florida, United Statesmarried Valbonesi in August 2021. and little Álvaro Noboa is with her. His eldest daughter, Luisa, was born from a previous marriage.

was sworn in as president of Ecuador on November 23after winning the second round of elections on October 15 this year. (AND)