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I don’t waste my entire Saturday ironing curtains, I just put it on the board.  They are smooth after one move

I don’t waste my entire Saturday ironing curtains, I just put it on the board. They are smooth after one move

Before Christmas, we thoroughly clean the entire house. We wash the windows, wash the curtains, and then hang them clean and ironed on the curtain rod. However, ironing such a large amount of material is not the most pleasant activity. How to make this task easier?

Ironing curtains is one of my least favorite household chores. They crease easily, they get electrified, and all it takes is a moment of inattention to burn or tear them. They also often slip off the board, which causes them to become dirty and pilly again. This is especially irritating before, when we want the whole house to shine.

Creased curtains after washing. Spray them before ironing

If you want to have perfectly smooth curtains, take care of them while washing them. Before putting them in the washing machine, fold them into cubes or place them in a special bag. Set the lowest spin speed and the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius. This will help you avoid a lot of creases. After finishing the program, hang them on a classic drying rack. Before ironing, check the requirements of a specific fabric. Curtains made of tulle, voile and organza are considered the most difficult to iron. They are very delicate, so after being removed from the washing machine they are often very wrinkled. When you place the fabric on the board, turn the iron on to a low temperature and spray the curtain with water. When wet, it will be easier to smooth out.

How to quickly straighten a curtain? You will need a product from your kitchen cupboard

There is one that will make ironing curtains much faster and easier. The ironing board should be wrapped in aluminum foil so that its shiny part is on the outside. Place a fabric cover on the foil. Now you can start ironing the curtains. Aluminum foil will reflect heat, making the curtains smooth after the first stroke of the iron. This way you will save time and you will not have to worry about back pain caused by working with the iron for several hours.

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