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Krzysztof Ibisz “meets the phase” and raps.  Internet users impressed.  “A little boy sweeps”

Krzysztof Ibisz “meets the phase” and raps. Internet users impressed. “A little boy sweeps”

SBM Starter is an annual campaign created to discover the talents of young rappers. And speaking of youth… Krzysztof Ibisz could not be missing. The presenter decided to take the microphone, and Internet users do not hide their appreciation. This is how stars are born.

The next edition of the SBM Starter competition organized by SBM Label is underway. Like every year, the label opens its doors to young rappers who have the opportunity to share their talent with a larger audience. The winner can count on signing a recording contract covering the release of 4 albums. A new feature is recruitment via the TikTok platform. And although there have been unusual entries in the history of the campaign, this time we saw real talent. You will find more interesting texts on the home page.

Ibisz on the microphone. I can’t believe it

We have just met the strong favorite of SBM Starter, because on Thursday, November 30, Krzysztof Ibisz decided to sign up. Although you can take part in the competition after the age of 15, the popular presenter seems to have entered the competition. Although it might seem that the recording would cause a slight shiver of embarrassment, it turned out really well! Ibisz didn’t “take prisoners” on the microphone.

The song on the Polsat presenter’s channel quickly became an Internet viral – and no wonder. He shows the audience a really good flow and sense of rhythm, and his biting lines can bring many opponents to a boiling point.

The presenter “settles” the opponents. The topic of age is at the forefront

Of course, there was a joking reference to the journalist’s age. “Your younger every year, I guess you have to admit it” – he begins his verse, and then goes on to “account for” his opponents in the competition and the environment around SBM Label, which in previous years was promoted thanks to “Starter”. We particularly liked one line: “When it comes to this competition, you have no chance against me. My mother-in-law watches me every night on Polsat.” Maca and Janusz Walczuk also got hit.

Internet users are full of admiration for Ibisz’s skills behind the microphone. “Krzysztof ate the Polish rap scene” and “MaƂolat zamiata” are only some of the tributes to the presenter. Most likely, thanks to this verse, he will not start a rap career, but nevertheless, he decided to remind himself in a nice way. Therefore, those interested in a contract with SBM Label can sleep soundly. The deadline to send your recordings is December 2.

Source: Gazeta

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