This is how Lady Noriega, singer and actress, presents herself on her social networks, and her 30-year career supports this. The former model, born in Monteria 53 years ago, began her art world tour in 1991 when she was Miss Córdoba in Colombian National Beauty Pageantthe same year in which he attracted the attention of Pablo Escobar.

Noriega did not win the competition, but she felt ready to start a new life with the boyfriend she had “since childhood” and whom the so-called “boss” ordered to kill, as she told in an interview with journalist Juan Monsalve for La Red de Snail.

This December 2nd 30 years since the death of Pablo Escobarwhose “hunt”, as reported by Noticias Caracol, lasted 500 days: from July 22, 1992 to the mentioned date in 1993.

“They sent me an invitation and it is a very special invitation because it is the sponsor (to go) to the Cathedral. I mentioned it to my father and mother, and the second thing that happened after I mentioned it was that my father caught me at the airport and sent me to Miami,” he admitted in an interview on November 18.

In his testimony, he relived the difficult moments he lived through before being forced to leave his homeland because of the terror that Pablo Escobar instilled in his family and the entire Colombian society.

Lady Noriega and how biopolymers disfigured her face

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Lady Noriega admitted that she managed to escape the siege of the most feared drug trafficker in the history of Colombia, but first felt his anger on her own skin, which is why she needed three decades “to assume, assimilate” the deep pain he caused in her life.

“I had my boyfriend with whom I was in a relationship from a young age and after the reign he told me ‘don’t jump anymore’, let’s get married and organize. I was 23 years old at the time”, he recalled at the time when he was planning his life with his partner who belonged to a family from Antioquia dedicated to the construction sector.

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The actress, who now has more than 30 soap opera appearances, said her boyfriend, whose name she did not reveal, and his two brothers were kidnapped after a gang of criminals linked to Pablo Escobar staged a robbery at the offices. his family.

“On Friday they took my kidnapped boyfriend and his brothers and we didn’t hear from them until Tuesday when they asked for a ransom to hand over the body, they weren’t even alive. The second time that Pablo Escobar’s name appears in my life is to tell us that they killed my boyfriend and his brother,” she said of that rough episode that forced her to leave Colombia again.

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For several months, she lived in the United States, immersed in depression, for which she sought psychological help. As time passed, she found the necessary strength to maintain her dream, which is to be an artist. Since then, she built a career as an actress and singer, standing out with roles in soap operas such as “Pasión de Gavilanes” or “No Heaven Without Breasts.” .

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What Lady Noriega experienced in the past is no secret to anyone, and the artist herself spoke about it in countless interviews. In fact, in February of this year, she admitted to another television show in her country that she had been followed several times by “God’s protection”.

“I have to admit that when I was 21 years old and had just left Miss Colombia, I lived in a very difficult city. At that time, we are talking about the 90s, I was almost the target and prey of a number of people who were absolutely dangerous,” he told the space. “I know everything about Colombia”.

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There he remembered the time when Pablo Escobar invited him to La Catedral through a couple of fellow contestants with gifts of millions.

“Pablo Escobar sent me to the house, with two of my former colleagues from the reign, a suitcase with 10 million pesos at the time, a car and an invitation to go to a party that they were going to next week. to have in the Cathedral,” he said.

“Things were quite complicated with that man, because it wasn’t that if you wanted to go, but that you had to go, and the only option was ‘run away.’ I had to flee the city, my family had to flee,” he recalled at the time.

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