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This is what William and Kate’s children will look like when they grow up?  Just look at Prince Louis!

This is what William and Kate’s children will look like when they grow up? Just look at Prince Louis!

The topic of the future king of Great Britain never bores the media, but fans of the royal family also love his children – George, Charlotte and Louis. Using artificial intelligence, Internet users decided to check what the royal descendants would look like as adults.

The children and Kate arouse great media interest, and fans outdo each other in guessing what they will be like when they grow up. It turns out we don’t have to wait to see what they will look like. Artificial intelligence has made age progression. The fans are delighted. According to Internet users, Prince George looks like Brad Pitt.

How did William and Kate meet? At first they were just friends

He met the future heir to the British throne, Prince William, in 2001 at the University of St. Andrews. Initially, their relationship remained friendly, but the couple was seen together more and more often. They also appeared at many events, which fueled speculation. In 2007, information about William’s relationship with Kate was confirmed, and three years later they got engaged. The royal couple’s wedding took place in Westminster Abbey in 2011. The first son, Jerzy Aleksander Ludwik, was born in July 2013. Prince George is second in line to the throne after his father.

What will William and Kate’s children look like as adults? “Everyone is more like Kate”

William and Kate’s children are media favorites and have often “stealed the show” from their famous parents. What might they look like in the future? Artificial intelligence provided the answer to this question.

Internet users eagerly comment on the age simulation of members of the royal family. They believe that all three of them look more like Kate than William, and that adult George will look like Brad Pitt.

Adult George looks like Brad Pitt!

Everyone is more like Kate.

How beautiful! Incredible.

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