Robertos Gomez Bolaños, better known as Chespirito, died on November 28 nine years ago; shocking those who admired him for creating characters like Chavo del Ocho and Chapulin Coloradowhich became unforgettable in Latin American culture and in the world.

But the great race of Chespiritowho is considered one of the most important representatives of white comedy, is not his entire legacy, it is also a love story in which he starred in real life with an actress Florinda MezaEl País reviews.

Actress remembered for acting Don Florinda in the Chavo del Ocho district, he dedicated a few words to her in a video he posted on his social networks on the occasion of 9 years since his physical separation: “Once upon a time, there was a couple who loved each other very much, maybe that couple always loved each other, and yes they didn’t know they would ever meet.”

He added: “Fate is very cruel to lovers, and I manage the times in a hurry, with a 20-year difference in their lives. Roberto, that was his name, was already married and had six children. And oh the tragedy! He had a vasectomy,” he recalled.

She replaced motherhood with love

Meza also spoke about his role in the relationship. He mentioned her decision to sacrifice her motherhood in exchange for being with the love of his life: “He always thanked her, but also, it weighed heavily on him that he could not have children with the love of his life, with his ‘ideal woman,’ as he used to call her.”

Despite all this, the Mexican actress stated that when she and Chespirito met, they discovered that “true love, eternal love exists”; He also reiterated that they were both very happy during their 40-year relationship.

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The widow of Bolaños The video he posted on his account on the social network X (formerly Twitter) was accompanied by the caption: “Today, as always, more than ever, you are in my heart. Every heartbeat is the sound of your voice, which keeps telling me: ‘My beauty, here I am… I love you’ To the world you are Roberto Gómez Bolaños, ‘Chespirito’. For me you were, are and will be ‘My Rober’, who taught me that eternal love exists.”