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The record holder from “One of Ten” spoke out about his participation in “Millionaires”.  Strong words were spoken

The record holder from “One of Ten” spoke out about his participation in “Millionaires”. Strong words were spoken

After Mr. Artur Baranowski’s great game in “One of Ten”, rumors appeared that the player would also take part in other game shows. The record holder commented on the rumors.

Mr. Artur Baranowski broke the record of the “One of ten” program and immediately became the audience’s favorite. His daring play and the final result went down in history. Viewers hoped that they would see the player on the screen again in the Grand Finale of the game show, but this did not happen. Due to car problems, the participant did not arrive at the studio.

Artur Baranowski will never appear in “Millionaires”? The player commented on the rumors

Fans of Mr. Artur and his impressive knowledge could not come to terms with the lack of a player in the final episode of “One of Ten”. Theories quickly emerged that this would not be the last program in which Baranowski would take part. “Wiadomości” TVP reported that the player will be offered to take part in other game shows of the station. Other media suggested that viewers would see Mr. Artur again in “Millionaires”.

Anyone who expected that the rumor would turn out to be true will be disappointed with the information provided by the editorial team of “Świat Gwiazd”. Journalists reported that they had contacted a friend of Mr. Artur Baranowski, who revealed the recently popular player’s attitude towards the game show “Millionaires”. According to him, there is no chance that the participant of “One of Ten” would decide to sit in the chair next to Hubert Urbański.

The record holder of “One of Ten” denies the rumors: Nonsense

“We had already persuaded Artur to participate in ‘Millionaires’. However, he never wanted to send an application to the popular game show. He wants to test his own knowledge, and he considers the questions in ‘Millionaires’ to be stupid. You definitely won’t see him there. (.. .)” – the player’s friend is said to have said. “Artur really wanted to test his knowledge, that’s why he chose ‘One of Ten’. He also appreciates Tadeusz Sznuk and really wanted to meet him in person,” he reportedly added.

The record holder of “One of Ten” referred to these words in an interview with the naTemat portal. He firmly denied the words of his alleged friend. “I never said that the questions in ‘Millionaires’ were stupid,” the player noted. “They are liars. I never said anything like that about ‘Millionaires’. An imaginary friend and made-up nonsense,” he declared.

Source: Gazeta

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