Friday, November 24, 2023, that was the date that marked the long-awaited return to music of Maykel Cedeño, the child prodigy singer of Bachata, who is now entering a new facet at the age of 25 that promises to discover new sounds.

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Good luckis the name of the single that, with verses of heartbreak and resentment, tells a story that many will certainly feel identified with. “It’s based on a real thing that happened to a friend, because it’s about a love that he lost and ultimately abandoned him. So sometimes, instead of wishing that person ill, you say, good, good luck, but far away. “Really let him get away so he doesn’t hurt you anymore,” he confessed in an interview with Diario El Universo.

Laughing, he adds that he believes that within the majority of failed love relationships today, there is always the temptation to return, but he hopes that those who listen to this song can avoid finding themselves in those situations.

This song, produced by Colombian Sulivan García Duque, surprised the fans of the singer from Manta, because ventures and delves into regional Mexican music, a genre that has gone viral with artists such as Christian Nodal, Fuerza Regida, Eslabón Armado and Junior H.

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He also says that he worked on it for two months because it was the fruit of the mixing of different cultures: Ecuadorian, Colombian and Mexican. “I gave all the respect the genre deserves, we recorded this song with people from Mexico who know about it.”. What caught my attention the most is that it brings out sounds of bass, trumpets and representative instruments, such as the tololoche, which make the melody unique,” ​​he says.

The video clip for this production has been viewed more than 20,000 times. In the clip, which was shot over one day in the city of Guayaquil, he appears with a model who portrays what the text wants to convey.

Your present and future

During this hiatus he was never far from music as he continued to produce and compose his music home studio. After suffering facial paralysis in 2019, the singer also found the support and motivation he needed from his fans. “I think they were my medicine, they always told me that they would always support me, that they were looking forward to new projects, and that was a lot of fun. “The wait was worth it,” he declared.

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He also returned to the cameras and screens via the channel maykeloficialec on the digital platform Nervous twitching. “I just opened this community, so we’ve been walking for a few months. I invite artists like Mar Rendón. For me it’s a more open place, I believe you can be yourself and that’s how I can connect with my friends. fans more, and we have a lot of fun that way,” he says.

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After 10 years of career…

So Maykel, who has more than 716,000 followers on Instagram, He ends 2023 with flourishing and versatility, in addition to completing a decade in the world of entertainment, where he took his first steps at the age of four.

“During this entire process I have learned a lot of discipline and patience. Also to respect and be grateful to the people who are next to me, that is the most important thing. “I take with me gratitude, everything God has given me to this day, because I’m still here and it’s a blessing.”