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He earns over PLN 850 per meeting.  It offers an unusual service, but there is no shortage of people interested

He earns over PLN 850 per meeting. It offers an unusual service, but there is no shortage of people interested

30-year-old British Kristiina Link decided to change her life and help people by performing an unusual profession. Interestingly, he does not complain about income or lack of volunteers.

30-year-old Kristiina Link comes from London. After ending a long relationship with her boyfriend, she felt lonely. So she decided to take a cuddling course to satisfy her need for closeness. That’s when the idea to turn entertainment into real work came to her mind.

The 30-year-old has an unusual profession. Where did the idea of ​​selling hugs come from?

Kristiina Link decided to create a service that she compares to “Uber for hugs”. The form of therapy she used after breaking up with her boyfriend also turned out to be a lucrative business. In an interview for the website, the British woman revealed how she came up with the idea of ​​changing her job.

In 2019, when I became single, I missed cuddling and the tender side of relationships. I thought there should be a service where people help each other and hug each other that works a bit like Uber.

When hugging, the so-called the hormone of love, trust and attachment, i.e. oxytocin, which has a strong impact on the body. It reduces stress and has an anti-anxiety effect, and also stimulates the body’s growth and healing processes and helps fight loneliness. The 30-year-old argues that it takes at least 20 seconds to experience the full effect.

To release this, research shows that the hug must last at least 20 seconds, but people usually hug for just a few seconds, so they never experience the full effect.

Kristiina Link is a professional cuddle therapist. Sessions last from 60 minutes to three hours

After a long introductory process and a conversation including: Kristiina begins the sessions by setting boundaries such as stroking the arms or hair. He plays meditation music in the background. Initially, he holds hands with the client, then hugs him and encourages him to take deep breaths.

We hug in many positions, standing and lying ‘spooning’, but we change the position every 15 minutes, otherwise our arms start to hurt and we need to stretch.

Despite having an unusual profession, the British woman does not complain about the lack of candidates. Most of Kristiina are men between the ages of 30 and 40. However, she often meets with people who have wrong ideas about her profession. Kristiina receives up to £170, or approximately PLN 850, for one session that lasts a maximum of 3 hours.

I’m a professional cuddle therapist – I earn £1,500 a month. A one hour session costs £65, I offer sessions lasting up to three hours and then give you £25 off.

Source: Gazeta

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