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Did the bride and groom go too far at the wedding?  Just look at the father of the bride.  “Oh my God”

Did the bride and groom go too far at the wedding? Just look at the father of the bride. “Oh my God”

The bride shared a video from her wedding on Instagram and TikTok. The groom’s behavior during one of the games divided Internet users: “There would be no such thing in my case”, “I would feel ashamed knowing that my parents were watching.”

Instagram and TikTok are currently one of the most popular online platforms in the world. No wonder, because they are real mines of inspiration, advice and unusual tricks. In addition, you can find many funny real-life situations there, which often become viral and reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of Internet users.

The bride showed a video from the wedding. Her dad ‘couldn’t stand to see it’

One of such recordings was shared online by a bride, which captured one of the wedding games. We are talking about the groom removing the garter from the bride’s thigh using only his teeth. The published video shows not only the bride and groom, but also the reaction of the bride’s father to this fun. His face speaks for itself. – He said he was happy for me, but he was still my dad. And while he couldn’t look at it, my mom was recording – the bride wrote in the description of the post on Instagram.

Although this is not a popular tradition in Poland, it is abroad. Despite everything, it turns out that even people who know her well have mixed feelings.

Oh my god, this is to die for. Perfect couple

My dad might lose his mind

There would be no such thing as that for me

If my husband doesn’t do that at our wedding, I don’t want him

This dad looks 35! Good genes

I would feel ashamed knowing my parents were watching

I can guess what grandma said

– we read in comments on Instagram and TikTok.

A bride with a controversial tradition: My dad did that at his wedding too

Due to the many different comments that appeared under the videos on Instagram and TikTok, the bride decided to add a few words of explanation. – In America, it is tradition for the bride to throw the bouquet and the groom toss the garter. The garter is above my knee and he removes it with his teeth just for fun. Guests catch these items for good luck! My dad did this at his wedding too! It’s all love and fun with pure intentions. It’s cool to see other people do things differently than you, right? – she wrote in the comments on TikTok.

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