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They protect against rain and cold, and are super fashionable.  What is urban outdoor?

They protect against rain and cold, and are super fashionable. What is urban outdoor?

When choosing a jacket for autumn and winter, it is worth focusing on quality. In this case, a simple rule works perfectly: buy once and buy well. It allows you to save not only a lot of money, but also space in your wardrobe. We don’t need several jackets, one fashionable and warm one is enough. Where to look for such models? The best in the offer of outdoor brands. Regatta, a company with over 40 years of tradition, creates durable products whose primary task is to protect against wind, cold and rain.

Until recently, it was difficult to reconcile seasonal trends with convenience and comfort, especially in autumn and winter, when it is extremely important that the jacket protects against unfavorable weather. The solution was usually to make some concessions and accept that things would not be perfect. Fortunately, these times are behind us. Modern fashion does not like compromises, the best example of which is outdoor, which is one of the strongest trends of this season. Most of us associate this concept, quite rightly, with mountain hiking or hiking. In this case, outdoor clothing is to be a response to difficult and changing weather conditions. It is supposed to protect against low temperatures and precipitation, and be relatively light and comfortable to wear.

This year, however, outdoors also entered cities with a bang. After all, we may also be surprised by rain, snow or frost there. However, urban outdoor activities have their own rules, and they are slightly different from those on the trail. So how to wear outdoor clothing in the city?

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Why do we love the outdoors?

Outdoor activities began to appear in cities on a massive scale with the beginning of the pandemic, when many people gave up tight pants or not-so-warm coats in favor of comfort. Large brands and the most influential designers did the same and started promoting casual and comfortable clothing. As you can guess, this trend quickly gained popularity and even had a special name. Gorpcore is an aesthetic that is intended to appear unstylized, and its main basis is outdoor clothing that does not restrict movement. It’s mainly about sports jackets and other functional clothing that most of us have known so far from survival camps or trips. The position of outdoor activities has been further strengthened by Generation Z, for whom comfort and convenience are as important as seasonal trends. So if one thing is combined with the other, we have an ideal situation.

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Clothing that encourages physical activity

Fashion is one thing, but it is worth remembering that outdoor aesthetics has another advantage. Good and warm clothes encourage daily physical activity, even in the city. They allow you to take a short walk, give up the car or choose traditional stairs instead of escalators. This improves not only your fitness, but also your mood. Appropriate styling allows us to make the most of every moment when we are outdoors. Bad weather should not limit us in any way.

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Stylish jackets for special tasks

When assembling an outdoor set, it is worth relying on specialists in their field. The Regatta brand has as much as 40 years of experience in creating clothing for all weather conditions. Also the most difficult ones, i.e. rain, snow, wind or low temperatures. All thanks to revolutionary membrane fabrics that breathe and tightly protect against rain, and synthetic insulation that guarantees the right temperature even after washing the jacket. Modern technologies also deserve attention. Examples? The Voltera jacket is equipped with a heated panel on the back that works with any power bank. This is an additional source of heat, especially useful when we remain motionless for a long time, e.g. while waiting for a bus or tram.

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In turn, Lellani is a classic jacket whose outer fabric with the Isotex 5000 membrane ensures breathability and full protection against rain. In addition to all this, there is the fashionable nature of the Regatta brand. The jackets are distinguished by expressive colors, fashionable quilting and characteristic accessories. Thanks to this, outerwear can be a perfect base for many styles, both urban and sports.

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