The Ecuadorian artist Paola Navarrete (@paolanavarretea) had a lot of expectations surrounding her third album, since it started after her decision to settle in Mexico and produce it with the award-winning Adam Jodorowsky (@adanjodorowsky), who collaborated with Chinese Bandalos, Leon Larregui and recently with Grammy winner, Natalia Lafourcade. This created a somewhat mysterious aura before I could even hear it.

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Ram It is already among us and on all digital distribution platforms. It consists of ten songs and lasts thirty-five minutes and was released last Friday.

The album has a sound and an identity typical of what is currently associated with Ecuadorian music and the so-called indie; light guitars, well-developed basses, very discreet drums and keyboards, and a voice with presence, but at the same time almost whispering, which leads the band on a melodic path. Paola’s voice is very special and she uses that quality to captivate her listeners.

In technical aspects, of course, the quality reflected in this production is almost obvious, but it must be emphasized. Jodorowsky is one of the most important producers in the indie currently, Ram joins the list of hits who cooperated. In addition to Head, Moon Kiss (a song in which Adán shares vocals with Navarrete) is what I consider the highlight of the album. In addition, the Ecuadorian must be mentioned Mauro Samaniego, important part in the development and composition of this study.

As I said in a recent text, we live in a time where it can be considered crazy to listen to ten songs in a row from the same artist; the same though They continue to dare to present what comes from their creative universe, which is commendable. The public is not always right and it is good to show that. (OR)