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An unusual edition of “Fakty”.  There was suddenly silence in the TVN studio

An unusual edition of “Fakty”. There was suddenly silence in the TVN studio

Monday’s edition of “Fakty” looked a bit different than usual. At the end of the program, Piotr Kra¶ko turned to the viewers, and there was silence in the TVN studio. In this way, he honored the memory of the deceased journalist.

On Monday evening, viewers could hear about, among others, “Agent Tomek”, the Ombudsman for Children, and watch a summary of Paweł Abramowicz’s reportage about the auction of Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat. Later he announced further programs, including “Kropka nad i”. The journalist usually ends “Fakty” with a short farewell, but this time it was a bit different.

There was silence in “Fakty”. Kraśko had something to tell the viewers

Instead of ending the program, Kraśko honored the memory of the journalist Marcin Pawłowski, who died years ago. “And one more thing. He used to be the one who welcomed you at 7 p.m. and said goodbye at the end of “Fakty”. He talked about what was most important in Poland and in the world. And he did it in an extraordinary way for years. Today it has been 19 years since he passed away Marcin Pawłowski,” the journalist said. At the same time, a photo of his deceased friend appeared behind his back. Afterwards, there was silence in the program. This time, the jingle associated with “Fakty” did not sound.

Marcin Pawłowski died on November 20, 2004 at the age of 33. The presenter of “Fakty” suffered from soft organ cancer for two years, in the meantime he began experimental treatment in Switzerland. He was professionally active almost until the end of his life. In one of the programs, he told viewers that work was “an important part of the fight against the disease” for him. He returned to the screen after exhausting treatment, but was still determined to provide viewers with the latest news from the country and the world. He hosted “Fakty” for the last time on September 10, 2004.

Source: Gazeta

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