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The actor spoke harshly about PiS supporters.  “Trolls, pathology and derailers”

The actor spoke harshly about PiS supporters. “Trolls, pathology and derailers”

Piotr Zelt is known for showing his political sympathies. This time, the actor also did not “beat around the bush” and decided to publish a post on his Instagram. Using a graphic, he stated that “no one normal is defending PIS anymore. Only trolls, pathology, slackers and derailers.” An internet storm soon broke out on his profile.

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We associate Piotr Zelt primarily with his roles in “The 13th Precinct”, “The Killer” and “Tato”. Apart from his acting activities, he never hid his political sympathies. He doesn’t necessarily agree with Law and Justice. He was also involved in supporting the LGBT community and fighting for women’s rights.

Now Zelt has clearly stated what he thinks about the outgoing government. He posted a graphic on his Instagram profile in which he expressed his opinion about PiS supporters. While his fans know the actor’s views and did not engage in polemics, Internet users from the “other camp” attacked the artist’s account.

No sane person defends PIS anymore. Only trolls, pathology, slackers and derelicts

– This is the content of the graphic posted by the actor.

Culture? She was obviously missing. Polemics with Internet users

There was an uproar on the profile and supporters of the United Right started to defend it. There was plenty of spice: “I see that the only role you’re known for got into your blood, and as a reminder, you played an idiot,” said one of the Internet users. The enraged Zelt did not leave it unanswered. “I’m completely confused about this. “You’re judging me, little boy,” he replied.

Yet another Instagram user accused Zelt of lack of tolerance and pointed out that he represented the level of “a redneck and a boor.” The artist, of course, reacted to this accusation. “A writer talking about tolerance is a pathetic joke. A bunch of complete primitives, xenophobes, anti-Semites, homophobes, insulting all those who do not support you. Such abomination and glorification of boorishness and ignorance have not occurred in Poland since the times of Stalinism,” he pointed out.

There are also words of support. Including from the wife of a politically engaged musician

However, there were a handful of fans who liked Zelt’s opinion. Karolina Skiba (wife of Krzysztof Skiba from the Big Cyc band) and Tomasz Oświatiński also expressed their support for his words. The Polish-Polish war is also featured on Instagram.

Source: Gazeta

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