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You can spend the whole winter in these shoes!  Stylish, insulated model from PLN 79.99

You can spend the whole winter in these shoes! Stylish, insulated model from PLN 79.99

Winter is the perfect time for boots. This type of footwear will provide comfort and warmth while walking. What’s more, they look great with dresses and classic jeans. I found insulated models in fashionable colors that will complement any winter styling.

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it is almost an inseparable element of many winter styles. They look especially good with all kinds of dresses and skirts, but they look equally interesting, for example, with skinny jeans. Beige colors are very popular this season. These are the models I have prepared in today’s list.

Beige boots from Renee. This insulated model will be a perfect complement to winter styling

boots screen:

Renee boots will be a perfect proposition for all women who value comfort and originality. This model is mounted on a rather thick, trapper sole and insulated with a shoe blanket inside. The light beige color fits perfectly into current trends. Eye-catching chains in the same color attract attention.

Insulated boots are a must-have for winter. The model from Deichmann is a comfortable option not only for everyday use

bootsboots screen:

In the Deichmann store you will find interesting boots in a darker shade of beige. This model is distinguished by a slightly contrasting sole in lighter colors. The smooth upper makes them suitable for almost any occasion. What’s more, they are heavily insulated, so they will provide comfort even on the frostiest days.

CCC boots are a timeless classic. This universal model fits everything


I also found boots similar to those from Deichmann at CCC. This model also has a distinctive sole and a smooth upper. It’s a timeless style that can be successfully combined with almost anything. They will look particularly interesting when combined with accessories in the same color.

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