A young duo that may seem inexperienced but has already shown its true colors are content creator Luciana Guschmer and actor Danilo Carrera Huerta. Both were paired up for the first mystery box challenge on the premiere episode of MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador.

In this first episode, the judges tasked them with preparing a tongue and a beef eye for their first dish in order to conquer their taste buds. When it was time to go to the pantry, Luciana suggested Danilo make two dishes and ultimately choose one. Ultimately, this proposal did not materialize as the 60 minutes they were given to complete the dish was not enough to implement the idea.

Then Luciana changed her mind and was determined to make pasta from scratch. Danilo, with no experience in the matter, merely followed the orders of Andrés Guschmer’s daughter, while she “alone, except one,” provided the dough.

In the final they presented a sole ravioli in eye sauce with wine. At first glance the dish was not appealing; Rausch was very harsh with his criticism, emphasizing that if you have good pasta, it is not necessary to cover it with all the sauce, but the sauce should go underneath.

This violet concoction appeared crushed, resembling peel, the Colombian chef noted. She was not at all convinced by the presentation of both and expectations are high because Luciana usually shows dishes with good aesthetics on social networks. However, the pasta was well prepared, according to Chef Carolina Sánchez, who congratulated them on achieving good pasta preparation in their first challenge. As for the taste, they said it was normal because there were no spices in it.

As of now, netizens are starting to speculate that a love or hate relationship might develop between both participants. They even call them this season’s ‘Victoria and Santiago’.