At the premiere of Celebrity from Masterchef Ecuador (Teleamazonas), each participant revealed what their best strategy would be or who they see as their rivals. Others shared their best cooking tips, from the experiences of their real profession, in the presentation each participant gave at the start of the program that started on Monday, November 20.

That is the case of Susi Hidalgo, communicator and coach of couples, who gave the audience the best advice for couples that applies in the kitchen, when it was his turn to introduce it. “Nude cooking,” said the sexologist without any hesitation, when presenter Érika Vélez gave her the floor.

“Cooking with a naked apron. It is very erotic, only the buttocks are visible,” Hidalgo added and then his companions burst out laughing.

“People like the comparison between sex and cooking because we are all one integral being and that means we all eat and we all have sex,” he explained in the private interview.

Susi Hidalgo is one of 23 participants competing with famous Ecuadorians in the first edition of the cooking reality show.