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One vial, many possibilities.  Your skin, hair and nails will look like after an expensive treatment.

One vial, many possibilities. Your skin, hair and nails will look like after an expensive treatment.

What does prickly pear oil work for? You can use it on your hair, face and hands. Thanks to the content of natural ingredients, it will help regeneration. Check how to use it and what benefits you can get. Regular care is the key to success.

Many women are looking for simple, cheap and natural ways to take proper care of their hair and nails. Often, you do not need to invest in expensive treatments and specialized preparations to achieve spectacular results. Have you ever used prickly pear oil? Check what its advantages are and why it is worth using. However, remember to perform an allergy test on a small part of the skin before using it for the first time.

What does prickly pear oil work for? It has many advantages

from prickly pear has been becoming more and more popular for some time now. Why? It turns out that it can take care of your skin, hair and nails. All because of the content of vitamins A, B, E, omega-3, omega-6 acids and flavonoids. It also contains linoleic and oleic acid. Regular use will make you moisturized and elastic. dryness and visibility of wrinkles will also be reduced, and when applied to the hair it will reduce brittleness and strengthen it. How to apply to strands and face?

How to use prickly pear oil for hair? Try it once and you will do it regularly

Prickly pear oil is not complicated when it comes to applying it to hair. Just put a small amount of the product on your hands and massage it into the scalp, hair and ends. Wait a few minutes and wash off the oil. Use even a few tips a week and you will quickly forget about dry and damaged strands. Instead, they will become healthy, strong and nourished.

How to properly use prickly pear oil on your face? It’s simpler than it seems

Prickly pear oil is a natural ingredient, so you can use it on the face, neck and décolleté. Massage the product in circular motions (a small amount is enough). Why do this? The oil will soothe skin irritations and make it elastic, soft and radiant. Additionally, the skin’s hydrolipid barrier will be regenerated. Regular use is the key to glowing skin. Few people know that the product will also help in the fight against acne. It has an antibacterial effect and additionally reduces sebum secretion. It will also protect delicate skin against frost, ensuring optimal hydration.

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