The ‘mystery box’ is a common challenge on cooking shows such as MasterChef. It consists of a box or basket with ingredients unknown to the participants. Participants may only use those ingredients to make a dish or several dishes in a certain time. The idea is to challenge the creativity, culinary skills and improvisation skills of the participants by working with surprising ingredients.

In this first premiere episode, celebrities dare to try new things, says chef Carolina Sánchez, and in this case they were given a beef tongue to create their first dish and conquer the taste buds of the judges.

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The tongue must play the leading role and they must also prepare an accompaniment and the accompanying sauce. Chef Rausch gave them the open pantry because it was the opening chapter. The celebrities, happy with this news, strategically worked together to win and compete for the Chef’s Pin.

Luciana Guschmer and Danilo Carrera, Nayelhi González and Yilda Banchón, Alberto Astudillo and Hellen Quiñonez, Juana Guarderas and Raúl Santana are some of the groups. They have 60 minutes to complete this preparation, chef Rausch asked them to add beef eye to the preparation.