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Once called “abominations”, now they are worn by top bloggers.  “I didn’t have warmer shoes”

Once called “abominations”, now they are worn by top bloggers. “I didn’t have warmer shoes”

Just a few years ago, these shoes were called “abominations”, now they are worn by the most famous fashion bloggers. This is the warmest model on the fashion market, which will not only keep you warm, but will also give you a modern style. Women went crazy about them.

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Snow boots gained popularity thanks to famous stars who, despite negative opinions about their appearance, started wearing them, and fashion bloggers spread them on their Instagram profiles. Over time, women of all ages came to like them and now they cannot imagine winter without them. These shoes can even handle Antarctica.

Short snow boots not only for the mountains. Despite the controversy, this model fits many styles

Shoes instagram @lisamatti,born2be

Very warm

I didn’t have warmer shoes

One of the fashion bloggers with the nickname @lisamottl decided on snow boots with a short upper and a shiny finish. This is the safest version of these shoes, especially for women who are just starting their adventure with them. TThis style goes with everything and is very comfortable. You can find a similar model on the Born2be website on sale. You can get snow boots in different colors.

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Fashion bloggers love snow boots. They wear them not only when going to the mountains

ShoesShoes instagram @sandrabenz, renee

The famous fashion blogger @sandrabenz chose a classic model of snow boots with a long upper and a cuff. The blogger showed off in them during a trip to the mountains, but in many photos she shows that he also wears shoes when going out. I found a similar style to the one she’s wearing at a good price on Renee’s website. The shoes are available in various colors.

50’s wear snow boots too! One of the bloggers looks stunning in them. “You look great”

ShoesShoes instagram @themiddlepageblog, screen ebouwie

You look great

A wonderful styling for winter

A well-known fashion blogger in her 50s also decided to wear snow boots. A woman proudly wears them when going out. She matched them with a long puffer jacket and trousers, and the whole thing looks amazing. Such a warm set is now fashionable. Less and less people look askance at snow boots. You can buy similar ones on Eobuwa.

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