After coming last in organizing the first challenge, the mystery box, the tiktoker Gigi Mieles saw her debut in jeopardy Celebrity from Masterchef Ecuador, which premiered Monday, November 20 on Teleamazonas. She found herself between the influencer Luciana Guschmer and Sergio ‘the ice cream man’, but they both chose their partners on the other side.

What happens if a participant is left out of the challenge? “Black apron,” judge Jorge Rausch ruled. With a concerned look, Gigi hoped for a better answer. “I just want black to be my outfit,” he revealed in the private interview, wearing his black jacket.

Finally, the contestant was adopted by YouTuber Anthony Swagg and actor Felipe Carrera.

The first trio of this season prepared a sole (an ingredient from the mystery box) in cow’s eye sauce with red wine, accompanied by salad and cauliflower rice with walnuts. The proposal did not convince the judges. Juror Irene González criticized the dish as boring, without color and very flat. Evaluator Jorge Rausch also disagreed with the use of lettuce in his salad.