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Krzysztof Daukszewicz on saying goodbye to “Contact Glass”.  “No one felt sorry for me there and doesn’t regret it”

Krzysztof Daukszewicz on saying goodbye to “Contact Glass”. “No one felt sorry for me there and doesn’t regret it”

Krzysztof Daukszewicz said goodbye to “Contact Glass” before the holidays. He apologized several times for the joke he made at the wrong moment, but the apology didn’t help much. He returns to the matter from a few months ago in an interview with the weekly “Wprost”.

In May this year, he left TV 4 and “”, of which he was a co-host. This decision was the result of a transphobic joke made at the wrong moment – although the joke was aimed at Jarosław Kaczyński, it hit Piotr Jacoń, who was already visible on the screen at that time.

The journalist took the “joke” very personally – he is the father of a transgender daughter and has been trying to sensitize people about transgenderism for years. After exchanging public comments addressed to himself with Jacoń, Daukszewicz left TVN24. He was followed in solidarity by, among others: Robert Górski and Artur Andrus.

Krzysztof Daukszewicz talks about TVN24. “Nobody felt sorry for me there”

In an interview with the weekly “Wprost”, Krzysztof Daukszewicz returned to his departure from “Szkło kontaktowe”. He mentioned that after he said goodbye to TVN, and earlier to TVP and Polsat, his options were only “Telewizja Republika and Telewizja Trwam”. The conflict with TVN escalated very quickly and after leaving the station there was a bad taste:

I have no regrets, because practically no one except the audience on TVN24 felt sorry for me in particular and does not regret it. Except for friends, maybe. I have enormous evidence of sympathy from outside. After the whole scandal and the “shit” that was poured out on us, Viola was afraid to go out into the city – said the satirist, mentioning his wife’s involvement in the case.

At some point in the conflict, she joined as a party and started translating for Daukszewicz. “Krzyś has already apologized to him privately yesterday and officially today, and he will probably apologize many times again. (…) However, you cannot blame him for being a satirist when you simply hurt someone. Krzyś adapted Kaczyński’s terrible joke and already at the moment of speaking he knew that fuck… – .

Although public opinion was divided into two camps on this issue, the satirist was at one point concerned about how people would react to him in ordinary situations. He was afraid of lynching and insults, but instead he received expressions of sympathy:

After a week, we went to the gallery in Targówek and it turned out that it was quite the opposite – complete strangers came up to us in the gallery and showed great sympathy and were on our side. This continues to this day. I receive mascots after concerts and such overwhelming expressions of sympathy – said Krzysztof Daukszewicz in “Wprost”.

Source: Gazeta

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