Beto Larco entered history on December 16, 2019. That day became in the first winner MasterChef Ecuador, after he presented a three-course dinner faithful to the Amazonian flavors he grew up with, which the jury consisting of Carolina Sánchez, Enrique Sempere and Jorge Rausch fell in love with.

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This one an achievement that came accompanied by $20,000, a trophy, a tablet and thousands of fans across the countryhe turned gray when the chef publicly denounced alleged irregularities and limitations in his professional development after his participation in Show from Teleamazonas. He was joined by other contestants, such as Angie Macklif, Loren Trocelier, Sharon Cortez and Débora Arévalo, with similar claims.

Beto Larco and his commitment to Amazon products

Through a video shared on social media in June 2020 with the message “Guys, for those who wanted to know, here I am sharing this video so you know the WHOLE TRUTH!! #theamazonastruth”, The Quito native said the contract he signed to enter the program prevented him from getting a job and he had to pay commissions to the channel for using his own image.

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“I couldn’t do anything without permission Teleamazonas and everything I earned after the program, Teleamazonas “I asked for a higher commission than the law allows,” he continued, declaring in the video that is still being posted on social media.

After four years of appearing in MasterChef Ecuador, In March 2023, during the fourth season of the competition, he was not seen in the episode that brought together all the winners of the previous editions. Champions Roberto Ayala (second season) i Andrés Arrata (third season) they went to the competitive kitchen.

Why Beto Larco, the champion of the first season of ‘Masterchef Ecuador’, was not in the last episode that gathered the other winners

He was a replacement for Larco German Vivanco, who was also a participant in the first edition reality and came in sixth place.

Today, Larco continues his passion for cooking while living in Nueva Loja with his family.

MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador The premiere is today, Monday, November 20 at 9:00 p.m., and you can watch it through the Teleamazon signal. (AND)