Wish: the power of wishesthe new Disney movie, has an extra charm for its Latin American audiencewho will be able to enjoy the dubbing talent of Lucero Mijaresdaughter of the singers Lucero and Manuel Mijares, and of José Eduardo Derbezone of the children of the comedian Eugenio Derbez.

We interviewed the directors of ‘Wish’, who ask our readers to chase their dreams and not put them on pause

They will provide guidance, among other things Maria Leonsinger, songwriter, actress and dancer, who started his career as the singer of Playa Limbo. She indicates her voice Asha, the main character.

Lucero Mijaresconsidered one of the promising voices of Latin American music, lends his voice to the Latin American version of Dhaliathe dearest friend of Asjathe protagonist.

On the tape, Dhalia is a master baker and unofficial leader of her group of friends.and who will play a key role in the final victory of good over evil.

Lucero Mijares is 18 years old today.

While José Eduardo Derbez, 31 years old, indicates voice Valentino, a goat (a few months old, but very confident and with strong opinions) who follows Asha in all his adventures. The cute thing about his character is that he always wears his pajamas.

Will he become more charismatic than Donkey (Shrek), who made his father popular?

The new movie takes Walt Disney’s musical legacy as inspirationwhich culminates the celebration of the 100 years of study and presents a new story with completely original characters (although also with nods to the past).