They wore helmets and did not reveal their identity. The secret lasted almost 30 years. This is what the Daft Punk duo looks like

They wore helmets and did not reveal their identity. The secret lasted almost 30 years. This is what the Daft Punk duo looks like

In the world of ubiquitous social media, maintaining anonymity is quite a challenge. The famous music duo Daft Punk proved that it can be done, even when you are on top. For almost three decades of their career, their true identity remained a great mystery. What do they really look like?

Nowadays, almost everyone knows the songs. The legendary duo was formed in 1993 in Paris and for the next almost three decades it was considered one of the most innovative in the history of dance music. His discography consists of 4 studio albums sold in millions of copies and several dozen singles that, despite the passage of time, still dominate the charts. The most popular are “Around the World” and “One More Time”.


They were stars, but no one recognized their faces. Daft Punk musicians carefully guarded their image

The artists were distinguished not only by their original sound, which set the direction for the development of contemporary electronic music, but also by their stage make-up. Thanks to them, they were able to hide their true image, as their identity was shrouded in mystery from the very beginning. They rarely gave interviews, not to mention industry events. Both in music videos and during concerts, they appeared in unusual masks. They first carried black bags on their heads, which they eventually replaced with futuristic helmets, complementing their suits and gloves. – We are not tricksters or models. People wouldn’t enjoy seeing our faces – in one of the few conversations with journalists.

They were the legendary duo. What do they look like without their stage attributes?

In February 2021, Daft Punkt published the video “Epilogue” online, announcing the official end of his career. It was then that people began to investigate who was responsible for the success of the legendary duo. It turned out that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter were hiding behind the shiny helmets.

When their career was in bloom, it was difficult to find any photos of them without makeup on the Internet. Now, however, it is no longer such a big challenge, although most of the photos, especially those with de Homem-Christo, come from the times when they did not even dream of great success.

The musicians met in 1987, when they were both students at a Parisian school. Already as teenagers, they began to think intensively about conquering the industry and planned their first projects. First, together with Laurent Brancowitz, they formed Darlin, specializing in indie-rock sound, but after its breakup they decided to focus on slightly different work. Their determination and enthusiasm made them achieve spectacular commercial success, making history.

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