Details of Wojciech Korda’s funeral. This is where the artist will be buried

Details of Wojciech Korda’s funeral. This is where the artist will be buried

On Saturday, October 21, the media received information about the death of Wojciech Korda, vocalist of the Niebiesko-Czarni band. Information regarding the details of the funeral was provided by the Polish Music Foundation, which is in constant contact with the wife of the deceased artist.

Wojciech Korda died on October 21 after a long and exhausting illness. The artist had been bedridden for years. He suffered six strokes and suffered from post-stroke parkinsonism. His wife, Aldona, took care of him until the end of his life, and on the day of the artist’s death, she shared sad news on social media. “Today, at 1:40 p.m., after a very long and serious illness, my beloved husband passed away,” she wrote.


Where and when will Wojciech Korda’s funeral take place?

Details of Wojciech Korda’s funeral were provided by the Polish Music Foundation, which provided the information at the request of the deceased’s family. The artist will be buried at the Miłostowo cemetery in Poznań, where he came from.

“In agreement with the Family, we would like to inform you that the Last Farewell to Wojciech Korda will take place next Friday – October 27 at 12.45 in Poznań at the Miłostowo Cemetery (entrance from ul. Warszawska). The relatives of the deceased Artist, thanking for the support shown, turn to during this difficult time, asking them to respect their mourning and not express condolences,” we read in the organization’s entry.

Wojciech Korda’s family relationships were not the easiest. After the death of Ada Rusowicz, with whom he had two children, he made a decision that his daughter, Anna Rusowicz, could not understand. When she was 7 years old, Korda gave her to his family to raise. Afterwards, they no longer maintained contact with each other. .

Source: Gazeta